Built for WHMCS
  • Use the same workflow
  • Debit order collection by bank account
  • Authorise directly in WHMCS
Risk Management
  • Validate ID numbers
  • Validate bank account information
  • Verify bank account
    & ID numbers
Payment Reconciliation
  • Automated statement retrieval
  • Automated reconciliation


I found that Debitize is one of the most useful modules available for the WHMCS platform. Once integrated my debit order billing runs were completely automated. All I have to do is make sure the correct items are being billed, and after I authorise my batch, Debitize does the rest.

In the past it took me approx. 2 hours to complete my debit order billing run. With this module it now takes me less than 30 minutes. Reconciliations happen automatically without any intervention. The support I received with installation, and during my billing runs was excellent. Response time to queries was usually within an hour or two. If you run debit orders with Netcash, and you are using WHMCS, this module is an absolute MUST, and would recommend it to anyone.

Jacques Swart